Erectile Dysfunction Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is the frequent or consistent inability to get or sustain an erection of the penis that is satisfactory for engaging in sexual intercourse. Only about 10-20% of patients with ED are believed to have a solely psychogenic cause but psychogenic factors are often present in those who are diagnosed as having a physical cause. With a 17 hour half life, tadalafil remains active for up to 36 hours after it’s taken, making it the longest-acting of the erectile dysfunction drugs available today. Therefore, men with these health conditions should not use vardenafil without having these conditions evaluated and stabilized first. While low T isn’t the only cause of erectile dysfunction, the two do seem to be connected. The number of men suffering from erectile dysfunction increases with age, but it is not considered a normal part of aging. This will make Viagra more accessible and cheaper, but for the millions of men worldwide with erectile dysfunction, it could also spell good news in the form of much needed treatment innovations.

Tadalafil – generic for cialis

Also, and perhaps most importantly, the fact that you have ED may mean you have other health conditions that should be addressed–not simply because improving your health can make using medication unnecessary, but because treating underlying conditions like hypertension, diabetes, or simmering vascular disease, could save your life. The most common adverse side effects are pain and penile scarring (fibrosis). You’ll still need a prescription to get these medicines. Beyond the physical causes that can lead to ED, it has been reported that 20% of ED is related to psychological causes. Never order medications from an online pharmacy if there’s no way to contact the pharmacy by phone, if prices seem too good to be true or if you’re told no prescription is necessary. Supplemental doses of the amino acid arginine have helped some men with ED, according to research. Being overweight and getting too little exercise also contribute to erectile dysfunction. Keep EVERY healthcare provider informed. The emotional impact on a man and his partner can prove just as difficult. It is injected into the penis before sex.